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Screenwriting Workshop

Learn Screenwriting from a successful, award-winning Hollywood writer with over two dozen film and TV Credits


Discover the little known secrets to writing screenplays that actually sell and get produced


You will master the 5-step process to start your screenplay quickly and finish it successfully


Avoid the 10 common mistakes that get scripts tossed into the studio trash can


Find out why you don’t need a college degree or a literary background to write a great screenplay



Class size is limited and typically fill up fast, so register now







About Your Teacher


Peter taught Screenwriting for the prestigious U.C.L.A. Writers’ Program and currently teaches Advanced Screenwriting for the highly respected New York Film Academy. Over the years he has served as an adjudicator for the Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival, an outstanding program, which cultivates nurturing mentorships between entertainment professionals and college students all across the country. In addition, Peter has lectured and served as a panelist at numerous well-known film festivals across the country.

Peter earned his Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Florida where he received the Presidential Recognition Award and recently was honored with the Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award.

Peter Baloff has written and produced movies and television shows for most of the major studios and networks, including Universal, Disney, NBC and Fox.

Peter started his writing career as a playwright. After winning the Norman Lear Award for Playwriting and the David Library Award for Playwriting, he moved to Los Angeles to write for film and TV. Over the past 25 years Peter has sold over a dozen screenplays (6 produced) and worked on numerous network television shows and network specials. Peter’s screenplay Quicksand; No Escape (Universal) won the Writers Foundation Award for Best Screenplay in 1992. His screenplay, The Undertaker (optioned at Miramax) was cited by the Writers Guild of America, West as one of the top ten unproduced comedies.

Peter Baloff

Peter is widely considered a highly regarded artist.


 As President of Program Planning, Scheduling and Creative Strategy at NBC-Universal and a senior executive at the network for 20 years, I collaborated with Peter on numerous projects, including a television pilot. He is an exceptional writer and producer who consistently demonstrates a thorough mastery of the process. In the highly competitive Los Angeles production scene, Peter is widely considered a talented journeyman, a capable leader and a highly regarded artist.


-Vince Manze

“I believe anyone can write a successful screenplay. You just have to know where and how to start.

And remember, your life experience is your most valuable asset as a screenwriter.”

– Peter Baloff

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Classes fill up fast, so don't put it off.

It's true - 99% of all screenwriting courses, seminars, workshops and lectures out there are taught by teachers or professors who have never sold a screenplay! So what do you really learn? You learn how to write screenplays that don’t sell! Check out the Film and Television faculty at any major university or film school in the United States. I certainly have. Look at their biographies. Very, very few have any professional credits. Even at the Ivy League schools, the professors who teach Screenwriting have never sold a screenplay. The same applies to most of the screenwriting books on the market, almost exclusively written by people who don’t write screenplays for a living.  And they all teach the art of screenwriting the same painful, unproductive way, offering you structural, paint-by-number formulas that don’t really work.


Forgive me for putting modesty aside, but with over two dozen movie and television credits to my name, I have made my living, continue to make my living and have prospered as a writer, not a teacher, not an author of “how to” books. I write scripts that sell. And an unusually large percentage of those scripts have been produced by major studios and networks. In my introductory course, I teach you how to approach writing your screenplay the same way successful writers do – without the phony structural formulas. I show you how to ignite your own imagination, explore your life experience and tap into your best story-telling instincts. I believe anyone can write a screenplay that sells and gets produced once they understand the right starting point and follow the common-sense guidelines with which I provide you.


I'm there in person ONLINE for all classes

The best part is, this is a real workshop - INTERACTIVE 6-hour comprehensive screenwriting course. And I'm there in person online teaching the class. The workshop is lively and fun, and you get to participate, ask questions and engage in writing exercises designed to make writing your screenplay easier and more effective.

Peter inspires those around him.


While serving as V.P. of Creative Services for Walt Disney Pictures, I relied on Peter as a valuable creative resource for the studio. He was known within the industry as a superb writer and an extremely reliable producer. Peter worked on several movies at Disney as a writer-producer. He is a pleasure to work with and serves as a mentor to cast and crew alike. Those who know Peter well will tell you he is a writer-producer who achieves his artistic vision by inspiring those around him to perform their best work.


-Michael Ginsberg

WARNING! The first 5-10 pages of your screenplay will determine whether your script makes it past the first level or ends up in the studio dumpster

They call it the “weekend read”. Hollywood agents, producers, studio readers and development executives bring home at least a dozen scripts to read over the weekend. Now they can’t possibly read a dozen or more scripts from cover to cover in a single weekend. Instead, they methodically weed them out. Most agents, producers and readers can tell in the first 5-10 pages whether to keep reading and whether a script is written by a professional. By page 20-30, they’ve usually determined whether the script is interesting enough to finish reading. By page 70-80 they know whether the script may be worthy of passing along to the next level. I will show you how to write screenplays that engage the reader from start to finish and have the best chance of moving up the chain of command, the kind of scripts that may land you an agent or even a studio deal. These are the closely held secrets only successful screenwriters know.

I witnessed Peter’s talent and tenacity.


At Universal Television, as Executive Vice President of Production I had a potential disaster on my hands with a 22-espisode order for a one hour filmed show that was behind schedule, short on scripts and over budget. Peter was brought in to take over the series as show runner, and it was in this intensely pressurized environment that I first witnessed Peter’s talent and tenacity as a producer, writer and team leader. Within a month, the production was back on schedule and on budget. Cast and crew were invigorated, and Peter forged a lasting relationship of trust and respect with the studio and network.


-Michael Lansbury


You leave this workshop with the best gift ever - you learn to think like a screenwriter! I learned more in this one workshop than I did in four years in college studying film. Awesome class! - Sam B.

Excellent workshop! Extremely informative and engaging. Left feeling inspired, eager and ready to start my screenplay. Thanks so much. - Danielle F.

Inspiring and encouraging. I was so impressed with Peter's knowledge of and passion for the subject. I couldn't wait to get home and start writing! -Peter M.

If you're looking for clear insights and lots of aha moments this is the one workshop you need to take. I've read every screenwriting book ever written and they don't come close to what you learn in this class. Thanks Peter. I see the light. Fantastic learning experience. -Dave W.

Thanks, Peter. I'm inspired to get started writing my first screenplay.  And now I have the tools to do it right. - Ilona A.

I've taken other screenwriting classes but Peter's workshop is the only one that brought it home to me. I had the breakthrough I needed to start writing again. Wonderful class! - Joe W.

Great clarity, well organized, plenty of relevant examples. Well done! -Deborah K.

Class size is limited so you need to register today

As you may know, there are few if any classes like this anywhere ONLINE, so my classes tend to fill up fast. If you’re interested, I encourage you to register as soon as possible.


for the entire comprehensive 6-HOUR course.

That's hundreds less than my in-person class!



ALL WORKSHOPS ARE CONDUCTED ONLINE ON                             

(ZOOM Online Meetings may be downloaded FREE at


WHEN:   Saturday, October 10th, 2020, 11:00am - 5:00pm EST

This includes a 30-minute lunch break and 2 additional 15-minute breaks


Complete the form below.  Once you've sent your reservation request, you will receive a confirmation email and a separate email with your electronic invoice to pay online. Once you've submitted payment, you will receive your ZOOM INVITATION.

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