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OUR PROCESS - Commercials

We have spent the past four years tracking down the most experienced, most talented production crew in South Florida to provide you with the kind of professional experience you expect and deserve. We only work with the best.  Our key staff brings decades of high-level production experience to your project.  The video production protocol developed for your project is a time-tested, step-by-step procedure insuring the film or video production satisfies your expectations in every regard, including quality, originality, effectiveness, budget guidelines and delivery schedule.



Our Executive Producer will meet with you to discuss your project to determine the nature of your project, the current state of your project, the services you require, as well as any scheduling and/or budgetary issues which may affect the cost estimate and final product.



Our Producer will break down your script or storyboard into its individual elements (e.g. number of days, crew, camera, cast, locations, sets, props, etc.) and deliver a detailed Preliminary Budget for your review. If the budget comes in higher than you would like, we will be happy to discuss creative ways to reduce the cost.
The Producer will then present a Revised Budget. This process continues until we have a FINAL APPROVED BUDGET.


NOTE: Any changes to the script or storyboard at this point may result in a Revised Budget for your approval.


A PRODUCTION AGREEMENT will be delivered to you for review.



Pre-production starts with a meeting among you and your principals and our producer, production designer and director to discuss the look, feel, style and tone of your commercial or show. We next deliver a Production Schedule which details all pre-production activity, the shoot and all post-production activity.

During pre-production we engage in a methodical development of the show, including all design concepts, design elements (set, wardrobe, props, etc.), casting, locations (including sound stage if applicable), special effects, motion graphics, etc. Of course your agency is involved in the approval process for all important artistic, design and casting decisions.

Our shoot is scheduled with precision. Nothing is forgotten, nothing is left to chance. Our shot list is organized for optimal efficiency. We’re ready to go.

Any changes to the script, storyboard or production parameters at this point may result in the submission of an OVERAGE REPORT for your review. Only when the overage is approved, do we proceed.



This is usually the easiest step! Because our prep is conducted thoroughly and professionally, the shoot usually goes very smoothly. We will have all of our departments organized on set and ready to go. We have anticipated all possible difficulties, so we rarely experience snags...and we never encounter disasters we can't overcome. Our sets are quiet, relaxed, productive and usually a lot of fun.



You are welcome to join us in the editing bay at any stage of the editing process. Our team works from the Script Supervisor's notes, which are extremely well organized to help the Editor(s) deliver your ROUGH CUT very quickly. The Rough Cut will be sent off to the Composer (if a music post-score is required).  A temp music score may be added. If key elements, such as animation or motion graphics are still in process, it is indicated with a temp graphic or SCENE missing screen.


The Rough Cut is screened for the agency to review. There will be few surprises. We will continue to edit until everyone agrees the show is ready for completion. We finish the editing process adding any missing elements, then send the revised cut for your review again.


Once approved, the commercial or show is colorized, sweetened, mixed and delivered to you for distribution.  Painless!



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